My Memories Suite Program

A new version is on the way: posted 11/10/2012

The My Memories Suite program is software that enables the user to make digital scrapbook pages and albums.  The program is very easy to use and their support team is incredible if and when you have a problem with the program. Relatively inexpensive at $39.97 as it’s rated the #1 software program, you’ll have many hours of enjoyment creating your own scrap book pages.

From the My Memories Suite web site

Drag & drop your own pictures, plus page embellishments, backgrounds, imprints, shapes, and page layouts from one convenient sidebar (Resource Gallery).


There is no training or experience necessary to use My Memories Suite. If you can use your computer’s mouse and understand simple instructions like “add background” or “add embellishment,” then you are ready to hit the ground running. There is a user guide available in the software to provide some gentle hand holding if necessary. There is also customer support and email available if things get a little too hairy. And, in case you wondering, it works on both Windows PC computers and Macs.

In the off chance you haven’t noticed, scrap booking can get a little pricey. How much did you spend on your latest purchase of a paper kit or embellishment set? With actual papers, you use it once and you’re done. When you use a digital background paper, you can use it over and over and over again. If you liked that antique brad you used on an earlier album, you can use it again on new pages-and as many times as you want. If you are a serious scrapbook designer, you might have spent more money on papers last month than you would spend to buy the My Memories Suite software. Just buying the software as a vehicle to print out its included library of papers would be worth the investment.

Fun, Fun, Fun

My Memories Suite makes scrap booking easier by allowing you to get creative immediately without all the setup and cleanup. Not only are the barriers to getting started removed, but obstacles to creativity are as well. My Memories Suite allows you to swap papers and embellishments with ease. Type in journaling in whichever fonts you have on your computer. Add and remove pages easily, change graphics, color schemes, and even the shape and orientation of your scrapbook with the click of a button. Creativity, sharing, and fun all have a front row seat with My Memories Suite. Where are you sitting? Join the fun and go digital today by purchasing My Memories Suite.

Once those pages or albums are made they can be downloaded to disc, Facebook, Pinterest, or Flickr. If you make a disc you can take the disc to any printer to have prints made in a wide array of different sizes. You will have to check out the printer you choose to see what sizes they will make.


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