New Experience For An Old Dog

Cute isn’t he?

Here it is another day! yeahhhhh. Sometimes I have so much to tell you and I just don’t know where to begin. I guess I’ll start by saying this is a whole new experience for me, I’ve never blogged before in my life. I have always enjoyed learning and think I was born way too soon. As you know I am 59 years old, so the first computer I worked on was a Commodore, I also had the first “laptop” they ever made which weighed at least 30 pounds, and the screen was barely 5 inches! You had to know how to use “dos” programming and a floppy disk to use this baby.

From Wikipedia

In 1984, Commodore released the SX-64, a portable version of the C64. The SX-64 has the distinction of being the first full-color portable computer. While earlier computers using this form factor only incorporated monochrome “green screen” displays, the base SX-64 unit featured a 5 in (130 mm) color cathode ray tube (CRT) and an integrated 1541 floppy disk drive. The SX-64 did not have a cassette connector.

If I had been born later, I might have been a computer geek, as I absolutely love everything about it. I love the fact that you can stay in touch by e-mail, Twitter and Facebook, I love the fact that you can Google to find out about anything you want to know.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also love digi-scrapping! This is a way for me to document my life and the one’s who mean the most to me. It’s also my way of exploring my ancestors. My mother amazed me by all the old photos she had of her and her family when she was young. I am having a wonderful time scrapping all of those fabulous pictures.

I hope you will join me in all of my scrapping experiences!


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