New To Digital Scrap Booking? Start Here

Layout made using a layout a friend made for me and adding it to a layout I made.

I wonder how many of you know about digital scrap booking.That starts me thinking about how basic I should get with some of my posts. So I think I I’ll get very basic and start at the beginning.

What exactly is digital scrap booking? How do you get started? How much will this cost me? Do I have the time to do this? How do I keep track of my supplies? There are so many questions to ask and just as many answers. I will explain to you how I got started and then go from there. This will probably take more than one posting so this will be an ongoing post.

I got interested in paper scrap booking around 1991. I bought and bought and bought supplies to aid me in this journey. It became quite costly early on, but I NEEDED those supplies.Then I ran into the problem of where to store all those supplies, well that was a real challenge! I found digital scrapping in 2010, and the bug hit me again, but this time the cost was minimal. I bought the My Memories Suite software for 29.99, and that included a lot of free kits to use. I was ecstatic. I started right off making layouts, this is so easy to use it’s a sin. Then I saw other people’s layouts and got envious because they were doing such cool things with masks, papers, & embellishments, how did they do that? I found out that most of the scrappers used photo shop elements or some other equally expensive software, then I ran across GIMP. GIMP is completely free and I think on an even keel with photo shop as far as scrap booking is concerned, maybe even easier, but I do think that photo shop has better photo editing software. For now you can download GIMP and buy photo shop when and if you think you need it.

The kits that are available to make your layouts with cost between $1.00 & $20.00. If you keep track of the designers you like they will have sales and free kits. The My web site has a section labeled free kits that you can download at any time, and there are enough kits there to keep you going for a good long time. Spending $20.00 on a kit seems like a lot, but what you get in those types of kits are, embellishments, papers, borders, masks,¬† and usually the kits are humongous! And the best part is they can be used over and over and over again. Remember these embellishments don’t get glued down so they can be used again and again.

When you have the time, your photos and embellishments will always be right at your fingertips on your computer for you to open up and use any time you want, and think of this, you don’t have to take out papers, scissors, glue, paper cutters, or embellishments. You don’t have to burden your dining room table with all of the paraphernalia of paper scrapping, you just have to sit at your computer and use your mouse and keyboard. I have done a layout in as little as 30 minutes that I was completely satisfied with the results and spent as much as 2 hours on a layout that I thought was just perfect. That leads me to believe that sometimes my obsessive compulsive impulse is alive and kicking! We are always our own worst critics.

All of your scrap booking paraphernalia lives inside your pc’s hard drive (more on this subject later), so it is easily stored, not messy, doesn’t take a lot of room and doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting. However keeping your files in order takes time and finding what suits you best. I will write more on this subject later also. It also requires a lot of room on your hard drive, so I would suggest that you get an external hard drive or one of the online storage areas where you can download completed albums, which does not mean you cannot add to them at any time you choose. This is an excellent way to keep track of and back up your albums and kits. (more on this subject later also)

Well gang, I think that’s enough for one posting. If you are at all interested in learning to scrap digitally please let me know. I will help all I can with any information you may need.

Thanks for dropping in.


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