Gimp Tutorial


Just like any plumber, electrician, hair dresser, or any other professional, you need to know which tools to use. This will give you an insight into the GIMP toolbox.

The tool box is on the left hand side of this screen, named appropriately the tool box.

Let’s start by learning the tool box:

When you move your cursor and hover each icon, you are told what that tool is and what it does.

Move your cursor over the first tool, it tells you that this is the rectangle select tool and that it selects a rectangular region.

Now the second tool: this is the ellipse select tool and selects and elliptical region.

So on and so forth: familiarize yourself with your toolbox. Some of these tools you will use every day, some you may never use.

In the next few lessons we will use some of these tools.


What do you think?

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