Ready, Set, Go

Christmas is just around the corner! Only 38 days left, are you ready? Got your camera, batteries, gifts, decorations, planned dinner menu, and everything else associated with the most celebrated holiday ready? What about the kits to memorialize that blessed holiday in your scrap book? I took the time today to go through my kits to see what I had available and ready, and following are just some of the kits I have. I am definitely looking forward to adding to my stash, and seeing what the designers will come up with for this year. Believe it or not there are already new kits being put into the shops and waiting for you to look them over. I must tell you though that around Christmas, there will be free mini kits!! There will be blog, Facebook, and shop hops for you to attend. These are always great for beefing up your digi-stash. That is how I got most of the following kits. They are what the designers call mini kits, but most of the time they are in the same color groups, so all of the kits can be used together. Keep your eyes open and your ears glued to your computer in the next few weeks and I’m sure you’ll come across some free Christmas kits to help you with all the wonderful memories you will be making for this Christmas holiday.


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