Getting Ready For The New Year

I hope you had a tremendous Christmas, I know I did! Now I am getting ready for the New Year and I have some plans all lined up to help me keep up with my scrap booking. One new Facebook group I have found is called Cover to Cover hosted by Lisa J. from My Memories Suite:


I would like to share that we will be hosting a FUN series this year called “Project 2013: Cover to Cover”! It will be a monthly series with some new ideas, layout techniques and a webinar every month! You will complete  2 pages each month and have a book (including covers!!) ready for printing by December 2013! Watch for more details coming soon!

♥ Lisa J.

There are already 74 members and it’s only been a couple of days.

It sounds like so much fun and should keep me on track with at least one finished project by the end of 2013. The grandest part of a group is everyone is doing the same thing so you can get help and keep each other excited about what you are creating. I will welcome  you with open arms to this new group, come  and have some fun with us.

This year I lost my mother, so these moments spent with her are priceless.

This year I lost my mother, so these moments spent with her are priceless.

Here is the welcome video for the Cover to Cover project: It is giving you ideas about the cover of your photo album and letting you know what will be happening over the course of the year.

Decided to record the *Meet & Greet* info! So, here’s ME, so, if you get a chance listen in to hear what my thoughts are about the project we are starting and introduce yourself too! WELCOME to ALL of you!! There are over 100 new friends in our little group, and I am super excited about our journey! Check out this fun little video and c’mon along for the ride! ♥ Lisa


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